giovedì 23 giugno 2011

Sick of You - CAKE (Official Video)

Dopo sette anni di assenza, la band indie di Sacramento arriva finalmente in Italia per presentare il sesto album in studio, Showroom of Compassion, balzato subito dopo l’uscita in testa alla Billboard Top 200 Charts e al primo posto della classifica USA.

"We heard this hip little fuzzed-out tune on the radio, and we were, like, who's this cool new band? Maybe something called Bear Antler? Then we realized it was CAKE." - Rolling Stone

"Deadpan brilliance" - The New Yorker

"['Sick Of You'] is vintage CAKE, with frontman John McCrea's jaded, semi-spoken vocals, crunchy guitar riffs, a skippy beat, and blasts of trumpet." -

“Because it's been seven years. Because there are song titles like "Federal Funding," "Teenage Pregnancy" and "Italian Guy." Now do you remember why you missed CAKE? of the Most Anticipated Indie Album Releases of 2011” - Huffington Post

mercoledì 6 luglio 2011 – Milano – Magnolia
Apertura porte: Ore 20,00
Inizio Concerti: 21,00
Biglietto: 15 euro+d.p.

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